Wecome to The Kentucky Philological Association!

Welcome to the web site of the Kentucky Philological Association, Kentucky's premier organization for the study of language and literature! For over forty years we have brought together outstanding scholars and creative writers from around the region for stimulating critical discussions of literature and reading of original literary works. Our annual journal, the Kentucky Philological Review (KPR), represents the best literary critical works from each year's conference and is indexed by the Modern Language Association.

We hold a conference each year early in March somwhere in Kentucky. This 2019's Kentucky Philological Association Meeting and Conference will be at the University of Pikeville. We hope to see you there!

We will be publishing our call for papers for the 2019 event hopefully sometime in October or early November 2018. Papers will be due in December. Papers presented at the conference are eligible to be considered for publication on the following year's KPR.

In the mean time, please join us on our new forum, The KPA In Action. Please join us there and add to the conversation!

Final update from the webmaster before moving hosting providers.

Ok, this should be the final update on the temporarily parked KPA page. The KPA's web domain (thekpa.org) now lives at different registrar. The first hosting provider didn't work out, but the second one is up and running. I'm just putting the site together now. You can peek at the new page as it's being built here. Once I have it in reasonable shape, thekpa.org will go to that page nad this placeholder page will disappear.