Past KPA Conferences

This page will hold records about past KPA conferences. The organization and its conference have existed since1973.

2021 KPA Conference

The 2021 KPA conference was the first time the conference was held virtually on Zoom.

Aside from the shift of the conference venue itself to entirely online, two weeks before the conference there was some web site trouble. Craig Steffen the webmaster covers this in the webmaster’s report from that year.

Business meeting minutes from 2021.

2020 KPA Conference

As the 2020 conference started, we (at least in the US) had just started to hear about the disease Covid 19 in national news. The same weekend was when a bunch of people at a small conference on Boston contracted the disease. The following week, things started shutting down incredibly quickly. By the end of the week following KPA 2020, a lot of schools in the US had gone virtual for the remainder of the semester.